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Road to 1.0

· One min read

To go with the flow of modern IDEs, we decided to stick to a more minimalistic design. We reduced the shortcuts to those you only need in your daily workflow. Buttons, like the NIOS Control panel are only visible if you added a NIOS Processor to your project. This way, getting started should be even easier and more straight forward for beginners.

New Design

With lots of recent performance and bug fixes, we are getting closer to our first stable release.

Our plans for 1.0

  • Better usability and keyboard only usage by hotkeys, global finder
  • Improved VCD viewer to be on par with GTKWave
  • Graphical Editor for blockfiles
  • Package Manager for supported hardware
  • Improved VHDL and Verilog support

If you find any bugs or want to suggest a change, feel free to do tell us on our Discord